AI Services

AI Modelling Solutions (AIMS) is a leading provider of AI Consulting and Implementation Services.

Although the potential benefits of implementing Artificial Intelligence based systems are huge, many executives are not sure how to assess the specific opportunities that apply to their business. We can help you to map the opportunities, formulate an AI strategy and develop a realistic implementation plan

AI Opportunity Mapping

  • Systematically assess the opportunities to apply AI in your business
  • Rank according to business benefit and ease of implementation
  • Identify synergies between AI projects, as well as which ones have the most long term strategic benefit to your business. 
  • Review all areas of your business including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations and Finance.

AI Strategy Development

Do you have a strategy for how to apply Artificial Intelligence in your business?  We can quickly help you assess the opportunities and develop a coherent and practical strategy including:

  • Aligning your AI Strategy with your overall Business Strategy
  • Aligning your AI Strategy with your Data Strategy
  • Identifying Technology and Skills requirements
  • Dealing with Ethical and Legal issues
  • Developing an AI Roadmap for your business

AI Enablement

Before implementation, you need to prepare your organisation by investing in the appropriate skills and organisation design. We can help enable your organisation by performing :

  • Readiness Assessment / Skills Mapping
  • Organisation and Job Design
  • Training

AI Implementation

Whether it’s a small pilot project or a large scale implementation, we can help ensure that your implementation delivers results through :

  • Implementation Planning
  • Make / Buy Analysis
  • Third Party Integration
  • Change Management

For a free consultation on how AI can be applied to your business, please email us on