AI Training For Executives

Artificial Intelligence: A Practical Guide for Executives

News stories about the coming AI revolution are everywhere, but what do you know about the implications for your business? We can help de-mystify the hype around Artificial Intelligence so that you can develop a practical strategy for using AI in your business.

We offer customised and practical training for Executives, from understanding the basic technology right through to developing and implementing an effective and appropriate AI Strategy.

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence and how does it work?

  • Understanding the basics of AI is key in order to assess the opportunities and implications for your business
  • We will provide you with a basic non-technical understanding of the underlying technologies involved

What are the most common “Use Cases” for Artificial Intelligence (and which ones apply to your business)?

  • Examples include applications in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations

What are other companies in Ireland doing to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence?

  • Ireland aspires to be a world leader in AI and you can benefit from the capabilities on your doorstep
  • Understand how large and small companies in Ireland are taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by AI

What are the Ethical and Legal Issues you need to be aware of when implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions?

  • Implementing AI can raise serious issues including Privacy, Bias and Legal Responsibility
  • Understand these issues and strategies to deal with them

Getting started: how do I develop and implement an AI Strategy for my business?

  • Learn how to create an AI “Opportunity Map” for your business
  • Develop a practical strategy that puts your business on the right path to implementation

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