Three AI Applications (Almost) Every Business Should Be Using

Don’t think your business is ready for AI? Here are three applications that most businesses can use right now with immediate benefits.

1. Chatbots

If you have a website, there is really no good reason not to have a Chatbot installed. It is quick and easy to do and will give you immediate benefits. Yes, we know that Chatbots are not as good as interacting with real people, but even when your business is closed, existing or potential customers can get many of their questions answered, potentially allowing them to place that order now rather than waiting for an email response or phone callback. Furthermore , the logs from these interactions can be used to improve both your website and your customer service ( see item 2 : Customer Feedback Analytics).

2. Customer Feedback Analytics

Almost every business collects feedback from their customers, but analyzing that feedback to find the “nuggets” that identify how to improve Customer Satisfaction ( or Net Promotor Score or whatever other metric you are using) is often difficult and time consuming.

This process can be made a lot simpler by employing AI-based tools to automatically classify and analyse feedback, as well as to identify which actions will have the most impact on the metric you are trying to improve.

Furthermore, you can complement the feedback you are getting via formal surveys with information from other parts of your business including Customer Service Ticket Logs /Emails, Chatbox logs, Twitter account activity etc etc etc

Even if the volumes you are dealing with are low, using AI Analytics tools can give you a more consistent interpretation of what’s going on and a deeper insight into the actions you need to take.

3. Reputation Management / Social Listening

Do your customers mention you on Twitter or Facebook? What are they saying about you? What are they saying about your competitors? What about industry forums: have you been mentioned in a positive or negative way?

Of course, you can track all of these manually, but it’s time consuming and sorting out the “wheat from the chaff” is difficult.

These days, it is not expensive to set up automatic tracking on social media sites and to automatically get summaries of what is being said. You can even have a Chatbot automatically respond for you , based upon certain triggers.

Furthermore, you can also load the data you collect from Social Listening into your Customer Feedback Analytics tools to generate additonal insights and actions.


Most businesses can benefit now by applying AI-based tools to improve their Customer Service using Chatbots, Social Listening and Customer Feedback Analytics tools.

If you would like to learn more about how these AI-based tools can be used to improve your business, email me on


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